Fort Comfort Inn and Resort

Today, all that remains of Fort Comfort Inn are two sets of pillars that served as its gateposts and, for over 75 years, welcomed thousands of people to the Inn and Fort Comfort Resort and Pavilion, one of the largest recreational destinations on the lower Hudson River.

In the early 1900s, the Fort Comfort Realty Company owned by George De Groat, purchased and converted the Fallon Mansion into Fort Comfort Inn. It was advertised as “…high class service; beautiful surroundings, caters especially to tourists; open all year…” Thus began the first use of Piermont as a major tourist destination.

Business flourished, and soon the Inn was expanded. The three-story height was maintained and the length doubled. 

However, on September 6, 1912, the building was destroyed by a devastating fire that razed the structure to the ground. Not long afterward, it was rebuilt as two separate buildings and continued to be a successful enterprise. However, a series of additional fires, changes in ownership, and a final fire in June 1931, brought the storied Inn to an end. The last, and one of the more famous owners, was Pierre Martin who operated the Villa Pierre. Over time, the property was subdivided and residential houses were built.

Fort Comfort Resort and Pavilion

In 1903, Fort Comfort Resort and Pavilion, with a castellated design, was built on a small peninsula on the east side of Piermont Avenue and included its own pier. A quote from a 1902 publication, the Bi-Annual Directory of the Nyacks and Piermont, reads:

“The Fort Comfort Beach is the most desirable place on the Hudson River for bathing. The clean, fine sandy bottom sloping gradually for long distance… absolutely safe for small children….A modern bathing pavilion lighted by electricity for bathing at night has about one hundred large booths furnished with showers and foot baths….Very large assortment of suits for hire. Fort Comfort is a strictly first class resort in every respect and is patronized by people of wealth and refinement.”

In 1912, William Thompson took over and created a successful  amusement park. Once again through a series of fires, the final one in 1975, the life of the Fort Comfort Resort and Pavilion ended. In 1980, where the pavilion once stood, the new owners built a restaurant, now occupied by the Tappan Zee Marina and restaurant.

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