The New Station of the Hill

Rockland County Journal, Volume XXXIII, 20 October 1883

The Piermont Station, Piermont, New York 

The new station at Piermont-on-the-hill is nearly completed, and we do not hesitate to say that it is one of the handsomest little buildings we have ever seen. Its architecture is of Swiss design, the architect being Mr. M. W. Debaun, of the firm of M. W. & H. Debaun, who erected it.
It is 20×30 feet on the ground, two stories high, and elegantly fitted up. On the first there are the waiting rooms and ticket office, which are finished in Georgia pine, and the second floor is divided into living apartments for the station agent. The building is painted a French grey, with olive trimmings, and presents a very attractive appearance both inside and out. The grounds will be nicely graded and adorned, so that they will, in point of beauty, be in perfect keeping with the building.
The builders, the Messrs. Debaun have done their work well, and the effect is very pleasing. The citizens of Piermont are justly proud of the handsome station, and are warm in their commendation, not only of the road, but of Mr. I.M. Van Wagner, of this village, who has the general supervision of the work, and to whose efforts they are really indebted for the station. Mr. Van Wagner is an earnest worker in the interest of the road and the public at large, and many improvements in this region are due to his enterprise and good taste.

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